Data protection statement

1. Scope
In designing this Website, Mehler Law Enforcement GmbH (“MLE GmbH“) has undertaken to comply with the applicable legal rules for the protection of personal data and data security. The purpose of the present notice is to define the conditions under which we collect information from you, how we handle it and to whom we provide it, if necessary.

The legal bases for data protection can be found in the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (BDSG) – (Federal Data Protection Law) and the Telemediengesetz (TMG - Telecommunications Media Law).

2. Contact
In the case of contact with the provider (e.g. via contact form or e-mail), the user’s data will be stored to manage your inquiry and in the event that there are any follow-up inquiries.

3. Consent to data being uesd
We do not gather personal data, (such as names, addresses, phone numbers or e-mail addresses), through our website, unless the data is provided to us voluntarily (e. g. in orders, inquiries, surveys or applications) or the appropriate legal rules on the protection of your data allows us to do so.

4. Data storage
The personal data you provide online, will be collected, processed and used only for purposes given by you, unless the collection, process and use is: 

  • for a purpose directly connected to the original purpose, for which the personal data was collected,
  • under a legal obligation or official or judicial order
  • to establish or protect a legal claim or for defence in the face of legal action, or to prevent illegal activities.

We will not sell or market your personal data to third parties or transmit it for any other reasons. Those deemed not be “third parties”, in this sense, are companies in the Mehler-Vario-System network, to which MLE GmbH belongs. Furthermore we reserve the right to transmit personal data to other companies of the international Mehler Vario Group, should it be necessary, to achieve the purpose for which you have given us the data (e.g. reply to inquiries).

5. Security
We use technical and organisational security measures to protect your data against unintended or illegal deletion, change or loss and against unauthorised circulation or unauthorised access. Our staff are required to give an undertaking to maintain such confidentiality and secrecy.

6. Comments and contributions
If users leave comments in a blog or other contributions, their IP-addresses are saved. This is done to protect the provider, in case someone writes illegal content in comments and contributions (insults, prohibited political propaganda, etc.). In this case, the provider can be held liable for the comment or contribution and is therefore interested in the identity of the author.

7. Registration function
Data input as part of the registration is used for the purposes of the use of the website. Users can be informed by email of information relevant to the site or registration, such as changes in the scope of supply or technical circumstances. The collected data is shown in the input screen as part of the registration. This includes: NAME, POSTAL ADDRESS, E-MAIL ADDRESS.

8. Revocation, Amendments, Rectifications and Updates
Users have a right to be provided, on request, with information, free of charge, about personal data stored in relation to them. In addition, users are entitled to have inaccurate data rectified and to have their personal data blocked or erased, providing this is not in conflict with any statutory retention requirement.

August 2013